The bee population has been decreasing dramatically. One of the main causes of this is the insufficient amount of biodiversity. This is problematic because bees are very important for the ecosystem. They are not only responsible for honey, but also for 75% of the  pollinations of crops that we eat and other vegetation. The extinction of bees would lead to a disappearance of many fruits and vegetables.

We, from BeeGrateful, want to contribute to the recovery of the bee population. Our goal is to extend the habitat of the bee, by increasing biodiversity. We want to achieve this by enlarging awareness among people about this issue. To help prevent the bee extinction, BeeGrateful offers an educational program on a pleasant way for primary schools, because we believe that creating awareness on a younger age would lead to better choices in the future. Besides this, we offer an enjoyable and educational gift package for adults to increase consciousness and encourage them to sow more seeds to stimulate the biodiversity. This package contains local and beefriendly products, so beekeepers can continue doing their great work.

We believe that increasing the bee population is a big step to a sustainable and better world. Are you ready to BeeGrateful?