Enactus Wageningen

Enactus Wageningen

We are Enactus Wageningen: a local non-profit organization. With us you can start your own business that also contributes to a fair and sustainable world. Through guest lectures, workshops and a large network via Enactus Netherlands, there are many opportunities for you to develop yourself on a personal and professional level.

Enactus Wageningen currently consists of 16 project members and 6 board members. Every Thursday evening (8 p.m. - 10 p.m.) we gather at Thuis Wageningen for our member night. Here the members meet about the development of their startups, pitches are held and there is room for getting to know new people. Most events also take place during these evenings. Last year we received several nice guest speakers: Coen de Vries told us more about different types of leadership and Sander Onsman gave a guest lecture about the development of Onszaden in Wageningen. In addition to the formal evenings, our Event Manager also organizes informal events. A laser tag evening is planned and there is a farewell dinner at the end of the year.

An Enactus year starts in September or February. You can sign up in these two periods of the year. Do you really have a good idea or are you very inspired to become a member? Then send us an email with your motivation! As a project member, we expect you to spend around 6-8 hours working on your startup. The majority of your participation is already in the members' evening; you can divide the rest in your own time. Project member is thus a flexible position. For the events, workshops, guest lectures and membership, we ask for a small voluntary contribution of €5 per month. Enactus Wageningen currently has four projects:

UniPlastic, InsectImpact, BeeGrateful and Revol

Are you curious about what we do exactly during our evenings? Or do you have other questions about the value of an Enactus year for you? Then send us an email or message us on Facebook. We are happy to answer all your questions!