Welcome to Enactus Wageningen


Combine enthusiasm and creativity to improve the quality of life


Students improve and inspire the world through social entrepreneurship


Establishing your own social enterprises and dedicating yourself to the environment

Enactus Wageningen is part of a worldwide network of Enactus teams from 36 different countries that all work on one goal: to make a better world possible for all of us. Enactus Wageningen was founded in June 2017, and we are in close contact with Wageningen University, Enactus Netherlands and the business community in and around Wageningen. Our strength is seeing opportunities to solve social, economic and ecological problems through entrepreneurship.

The aim of the companies is to have a perceptibly positive impact on the environment of Wageningen. Are you interested? Contact us via info@enactuswageningen.nl


These events are on our programme.

Member Event

On the 3rd of April our Event Manager organized lasergame night. The evening will end with a surprise activity...!

Impact Evening

How do you measure impact? And what is it exactly? These questions will be the main theme of our Impact Evening (11th of April)! Stefan Wobben will join us this evening and share his experience on impact and his journey of beginning his own startup. 

Pre-Presentations NC

We are busy with preparations for the National Competition! To strenghten our presentation our NC team will is expected on monday 15th of April for the pre-presentations. This is an event where feedback and information about the NC will be provided to the team and board. Did you already mark June 7th?! Make sure you are there!