Welcome to Enactus Wageningen


Combine enthusiasm and creativity to improve the quality of life


Students inspire the world to improve through social entrepreneurship


Establishing your own social enterprises and dedicating yourself to the environment

Who are we?

Enactus Wageningen is part of a worldwide network of Enactus teams from 36 different countries that all work on one goal: to make a better world possible for all of us. Enactus Wageningen was founded in June 2017, and we are in close contact with Wageningen University, Enactus Netherlands and the business community in and around Wageningen. Our strength is that we see opportunities to solve social, economic and ecological problems through entrepreneurship.

We are currently with 5 board members and 14 project members and working on 3 companies. The aim of the companies is to have a perceptibly positive impact on the environment of Wageningen. Are you interested? Contact us via info@enactuswageningen.nl