Over the past couple of years, eating insects has been an increasing topic of discussion. The world population is growing, which means the demand for food and water is increasing as well. In the meantime, the earth is warming up, caused for a great part by the emission of greenhouse gases. Global warming is a threat. Global food production and consumption account for 30% of this emission. It is therefore important to look for more sustainable ways of food production and consumption. A solution for this problem would be eating insects, as they have a small ecological footprint compared to other animals and are very high in protein, minerals and fibers. This is why we want to make a baking kit using grinded mealworms.

Right now, we are working together with Rijn IJssel to come up with our own recipe and are planning to sell the kits in the nearby future. The main goal is to lift the taboo on eating insects and to let people get used to eating them in a simple and fun way. Later on, this will make the switch of using insects as substitutes for meat a lot easier.

After we finish the baking kit, we also want to involve children with our project, as they are free of prejudice. We want to offer the kits to primary schools, together with a teaching package. This way, they can bake it together and learn about insects in a fun way.