During a board year, you have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and communication skills in addition to discovering your talents, which can be useful in your further career. You also learn a lot in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Enactus Netherlands organizes various events and training days for the board in cooperation with companies such as Randstad, KPMG and Unilever. There is also a possibility to be coached by someone from the business world. As a board member you spend 15-20 hours a week working with Enactus.

The board of 2019-2020 consists of 6 enthusiastic students:

Jasmijn Terlouw - Chairman

As a chair, I have the final responsibility of Enactus Wageningen. I make sure that everything works out as good as possible. I motivate the other board members and lead the weekly board meetings. Together with the External Relations Manager, I’m maintaining the relationships with our partners and seek for new partners to add to our network. Besides that, I have weekly contact with Enactus NL. As a chair it’s important that you’re enthusiastic, open and decisive.

Liselotte Nieuwkoop - Vice-President

As vice-chairman of Enactus Wageningen, my duties are very diverse. For example, I am mainly occupied with the finances of Enactus and its start-ups, but also with the documentation of the cash flows and minutes during meetings. In addition, I replace the chairman if she is not present. As a vice-chairman, you must be accurate and decisive. In addition, accounting knowledge (such as Excel) is also a must.

Irini Janssen - Human Resources Manager

As HR manager I am responsible for the recruitment and selection of new members. I am responsible that the right people come to the right place in the organization. Besides that, I am also involved in the development of the team members, by looking at where their qualities are and where there is still a need to grow. I am also a project coordinator for one project team. Important qualities of an HR Manager are to be analytical, an open discussion partner, good at collaborating and organizing.

Trang Anh Nguyen - Event Manager

As Event Manager of Enactus Wageningen I organize the internal and external events. These are, for example, workshops or events but also fun activities such as mixer events and game nights. In addition to this, I am project coordinator of one project of Enactus. As an Event Manager you have to be undertaking, organizational and communicative strong, but also be daring to step out of your comfort zone.

Jasmine Yeung - External Relations Manager

 As the External Relations Manager I am responsible for the external network of Enactus Wageningen. My tasks include maintaining the relations with current partners, and acquiring and recruiting new partners. It is my goal to bring in finances and expertise, increase the visibility of Enactus Wageningen, and to increase our business-network. As an External Relations Manager you are ambitious, investigative, pro-active and communicatively strong.

Claire van Helvoort - Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager at Enactus Wageningen I am involved in all external communication. This means that I make plans for generating brand awareness, update our social media pages and make videos or posters for marketing purposes.  Next to that, I am the project coordinator of one of our project teams. As a marketing manager, you have to be able to communicate your message. Creativity and innovativeness are important as well.