Enactus Wageningen is a community consisting of 25 project members who work on 5 different start-ups. These start-ups are built around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Each of the start-ups is based on at least one of the SDGs. In this way, we try to contribute to a better world for everyone.

On thursday - our general members meeting - we meet up at Thuis Wageningen to develop our start-ups. This thursday night is an inspiring and motivating evening in which there is plenty of room to share ideas and solve problems. Often a guest lecture will share his/her ideas or workshops are organized. These activities all contribute to the development of our small enterprises and are of course a lot of fun! Currently three projects are moving along quite fast: UniPlastic, InsectImpact and Locus. The other two projects are in the middle of the brainstorm phase.


In the Netherlands plastic is recycled, only in our opinion far from enough. Currently, too little is done in Wageningen to collect and process plastic. That's why we came up with UniPlastic, a project that collaborates with Zideris and Wageningen Schoon. We recycle plastic that we collect from e.g. student associations. The plastic is then processed locally at Zideris into new products. Ultimately, we hope that more qualitative plastic will be recycled and that new job opportunities will arise for the clients of Zideris. In this way we contribute to a better future.

Team members: Koen van den Berg, Ehlana Haring, Nienke Althuis, Jasmijn Terlouw, Bart Vlemmix & Liselotte Nieuwkoop


In Wageningen there are many students who still do not find a room after a long time. On the other hand, there are many elderly people who end up in social isolation. These are two major problems that we would like to reduce. That is why we are committed to allowing students to live with seniors. We will ensure that we make the perfect match between student and senior. This reduces the housing shortage among students and we counter the loneliness of the elderly.

Team members: Hannah van Lith, Lotte Manshanden, Joris Becks, Deborah de Neef & Dagmar Meijer


Just like the name implies, this start-up wants to make an impact on the environment by promoting the use of insects in food. By processing ground insects into baking products, they produce nutritional products. In addition to their high protein content, eating insects is also very good for the environment!

Team members: Claire van Helvoort, Annemarije Gaasterland, Romy van Voorst, Franka Schoenmaker, Luca Murre & Noor van de Meulenhof