Why Enactus?

What do you gain from being a member of Enactus Wageningen?

As part of a start-up you get the opportunity to develop yourself in many different areas. You will learn what it is like to be responsible for the progress and existence of your own social enterprise. You will discover that entrepreneurship involves trial and error. In addition, various workshops and training courses are offered. A year at Enactus enables you to broaden your network. You receive the chance to meet ambitious students from all over the Netherlands and you are able to get in contact with the business community, alumni and partners of Enactus.


Enactus is thé student platform for social entrepreneurship in Wageningen. A management or project function offers you the chance to:

  • Expand your network: to get in touch with passionate students, the business community and partners (including KPMG, Randstad, Rabobank);
  • Enactus events such as the National Competition and the Start event;
  • Attend workshops from partner companies;
  • Getting acquainted with entrepreneurship;
  • Apply your academic knowledge in practice;
  • Make a meaningful contribution to your immediate environment;
  • Develop and challenge yourself.
National Competition 2017